Core Standards

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Core Standards

Common Core State Standards is a cooperative effort involving educators, parents and state leaders who want to make the educational experience more consistent for students. By creating standards in core subjects like reading and mathematics that can be implemented across the country, students enjoy the same quality of education, regardless of where they live and go to school.

Core Standards

The common core standards ensure that every student who graduates from a K-12 program is fully prepared for the workforce or post-secondary education.

About Common Core Standards

Common core standards create a learning environment where every student is equipped with a basic set of skills and knowledge that they need to be successful. The standards will remain consistent in every state who embraces the initiative, providing a more level playing field to students, regardless of location.

Specifically, these standards offer:

  • The fundamental skills teachers need to incorporate into their classroom

  • Creative freedom for teachers to teach those skills in the way that is most effective for them

  • Clear expectations and goals for success that students and parents can follow

  • The ability to share practices and techniques across district and state lines

  • A more consistent assessment system to ensure no child falls through the cracks of the educational system

With a consistent set of standards in place, schools will be able to develop and implement effective assessment systems that measure student performance against those standards. When standards are not met, policy changes can be discussed to allow students a better opportunity to meet their goals.

With clear expectations in place, students, parents and teachers will know right away when students are struggling, so they can put interventions into place quicker and more effectively.

Curriculum and Common Core Standards

As more states adopt common core standards, teaching material will be revamped to reflect the new standards. Since most states are already implementing the common core standards, it will be much easier to revise textbooks, digital media and other teaching aids to align with these standards.

New curriculum will be designed to reflect the real world, so that students are better prepared to enter the global marketplace or post-secondary education after graduation. This philosophy will align with that of the common core standards, which were created in part to train a more competitive workforce in the future.

The National Influence

The decision to adopt and implement common core standards is made by each state. Some adopt the standards through their State Board of Education, while others make the decision through their state legislatures.

The federal government was not involved in the development or implementation of the common core standards in any way; instead, the standards were designed by parents, educators and educational experts across the country. In addition, the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) and National Governors Association Center for Best Practices (NGA Center) have led the effort and provided opportunity for public feedback on the drafts of the standards.

Common core standards provide consistency throughout the country's educational system. These standards have already been adopted by 38 states, ensuring that more students will benefit from clear expectations and uniform assessments across the nation.

Core Standards



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